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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Fisher Price toy reviews!

Two reviews on Fisher Price toys - the Zoo Talkers zoo and the Wheelies Stand 'n Play Ramp.

We love the Zoo Talkers zoo and accessories, Cupcake received this as a Christmas gift and it has done really well at holding her attention during the 6 months that we've had it. There are a number of animals that are available to purchase additionally for the zoo and there is also a fun jeep vehicle.

The Wheelies Stand 'n Play Ramp is great for toddler that are into cars! Cupcake just received this for her 2nd birthday and it has been a total hit! She has started really liking cars (waving "hi" to cars, making the "vroom vroom" noise, etc...), so I thought she would love the little Wheelies in addition to the great ramp features. It is a great height for them to be able to access it on all levels and the features are very toddler-user friendly. The elevator makes a fun click noise and the sounds make her squeal when the car rolls over the sensor.

All in all, we've had the best luck with Fisher Price toys over any other brand we've tried. We're very pleased with all of the toys we've purchased. I think the quality is exceptional and the retail prices are reasonable given the amount of use that our children will be able to get out of them!

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