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Monday, June 11, 2012

Recent nail polish purchases!

These are some of my recent nail polish purchases that either arrived or I picked up this weekend... I've been getting back into nail polish a bit more after I recently completed a nail polish collection video for my You Tube Channel, which I will be posting here on Mom's Got a Brand New Bag tomorrow as well. Zoya is my absolute favorite brand right now, but I also enjoy the formula and range of colors that OPI has too.

My Zoya order:
L to R: Kiki, Star, Nimue, Willow, Miscka, & Erika

Up close:
Kiki, Star, & Nimue

Willow, Miscka, & Erika

I also ordered the Zoya Renew, which is supposed to bring old polishes back to life. I'm interested to try this, and will do a review in the future on how well it works.

Zoya Renew

And Zoya loves me so much, they included two freebies! A lime pomegranate shower gel and a 2 oz size of Zoya Remove polish remover.

The two OPI polishes I picked up at Ulta this weekend came with a free top or base coat, and I chose the base coat. I am normally really bad about remembering to use a base coat (in fact, I didn't currently have one until I received this one) - but I'm going to try to make a sorted effort to use it more often... especially with darker blues, pinks, or purples so they don't stain my nails.

OPI It's all Greek to me, Meet me on the Star Ferry, & Base Coat


  1. I LOVE Zoya polishes! Addison is my fave.

    1. Zoya polishes are the best! I'll have to look into Addison, I don't think I have that one! :)

      I'm showing my Zoya collection in a You Tube video later in the week, so you'll have to keep an eye out for that!